Our Aromatherapy blog has been carefully designed to provide customers with more information on our range of Aromatherapy products and their uses.

The Aromatherapy Store have products from hand-picked leading brands such as Weleda, Suti, Organic Monkey and Natalia in stock now.  We offer the full Zenia range of natural aromatherapy products which covers everything from home fragrances, body and well-being.

We have sourced the purest, highest quality oils and a beautiful and luxurious range of aromatherapy  and beauty products that are ethically produced and formulated from the finest natural ingredients. All of our aromatherapy products are filled with the exquisite fragrances of essential oils, carefully chosen for their therapeutic and healing benefits – designed to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.



Myrtle Essential Oil

The helpful properties of myrtle essential oil

Myrtle essential oil is one of many different essential oils we have studied and looked at its amazing properties they have. Uses of myrtle can be traced back to Ancient Greek times by the physician Dioscorides due to its wonderful healing properties and it is still used in modern aromatherapy today. The ancient myths tell […]
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Aromatherapy and its popular uses continued

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils for both relaxation and healing properties have been around for many years and we are continuing to look at the ways people use some of these more popular essential oils. Lavender and tea-tree oil are quite popular essential oils being used as antiseptics especially in lotions or soap. […]

A brief history of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is sometimes over looked as a form of alternative medicine but some studies have shown it can be very effective and not just a way of relaxing. Aromatherapy uses volatile plant materials which are known as essential oils and certain other aromatic compounds in order to help alter a persons mind, mood or health. […]
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Our Aromatherapy Blends And Their Creation

When we began to develop The Aromatherapy Store website we were very focussed towards having our own identity and our own products which were a reflection of our commitment to quality and value – using the best products we could find with the optimum efficaciousness. To develop this aim we also sought the best advice […]
Organic and Natural Products

A Range of Natural Products

The Aromatherapy Store spent a fascinating couple of days at the Natural and Organic Fair last month and met some truly inspiring producers and retailers of some fantastic organic and natural products.   These ranged from some beautiful organic baby products through to great  organic body lotion and top quality natural massage oils. The one […]